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Club Ladders Black Mountains Gliding Club David McCarthy’s 500km flight from TAL on 2/7/17 Three videos from the BMGC expedition to Llanbedr, North Wales.

Day 1 - Easterly wave over the coastline

Day 2 - Strong easterly wave in the Snowdon area

Day 4 - Light westerly with nice cloud formations

Thanks to all for your comments,
at the beginning of this year my wife asked me what my ambitions were and I said that one was to do 500km from Talgarth because I didn't think many people had achieved this. When Julie showed me the Topmeteo map the previous evening I knew that I had to have a go, and most of the rest is now history. Difficult day for me, finding the good lift and it was nearly blue in Wales which didn't help a lot, but when I was 50 km out , despite the weakening lift I felt fairly confident that I was actually going to get home. A flight to remember and my fourth 500 in a Mini Nimbus.